Rumsey Hall


Rumsey Hall is a co educational boarding school is currently located in Washinton, Conneticut. This is about 1. 5 hrs from Hatford. A parent visiting this campus needs to have a rental car or a transport to get to campus, its very rural in its location. It has moved with the rapid need for more space and a greater number of students to attend this pretigous school. The school is well know in the community for its excellence in education, working with student from varied states and varied countries around the world.

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Trails of Carolina and Trails Momentum

Diamond Ranch Academy Is for Struggling Adolescents

Trails and Diamond Ranch Academy are therapeutic programs we work with which are located in Asheville North Carolina and Hurricane Utah.

Launch is a young adult program through the Heritage School

Our consultant works with adolescents boys to help them achieve their success in programs like Thrive at the Heritage School.


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