Why You Should Hire Our Consultants

There are many reasons for hiring an educational consultant:

  • Saves time and money from doing the work on your own.

  • Our consultants are more familiar with schools and programs making the decision easier and more efficient.

  • A consultant can help in a crisis situation to resolve conflict with the family and direct the student to a more positive outcome which minimizes the challenge at hand.

  • Prevents you from making mistakes.

  • Creates a much better connection with the school or program.

  • Schools who work with consultants are more familiar with the consultant, which helps the family in the long run.

  • The consultant can work out any challenges for your family as they arise.

  • Allows you the opportunity to work with a professional familiar with school and programs which you might not even know about.

  • Allows you to become familiar with the role of an educational consultant.

  • Allows the consultant to explain the different programs.

  • Reduces the anxiety parents have by trying to do this work themselves.

  • Provides direction for your family.

  • Implements a process where the family is engaged, not just the student.

  • Allows you to explore other options.

  • Provides direction on financial aid, which may vary from school to program.

  • Develops a lasting relationship with our consultant.

  • Provides support with other clinicians.

  • Can reduce your overall cost.

  • Simplifies the step process.

  • Identifies the specific needs of your child.

  • Supports the IEP team at IEP meetings.

  • Clarifies to the team the areas of support needed by the consultant and the importance for your child, adolescent or young adult.

  • Allows the consultant to work with the family on the transition piece after leaving a program.

  • To work with international families in school placement from admission to working to address via requirements

  • Provides support for GAP year students.

  • Explores wilderness therapy as an option for a student with a behavioral or mental health challenge.

  • Provides 24-hour support for the family.

  • Intensifies the therapy process saving time in providing traditional therapy services by a therapist.

  • Connects the dots for therapy need.

  • Supports clients with drug and substance issues both in treatment and follow up.

  • Explore possibilities for students who are suffering from anxiety affecting school performance.

  • Consultant can identify mental health issues for a student more effectively and provide the right placement.

  • Explains to parents the transition piece of the placement

  • Allows you to work on discharge planning together with a team of therapists.

  • The process allows a continuum of services which is much better than trying to figure out things yourself.

  • A consultant knows the programs and visits the schools regularly, which parents simply cannot do or have the time to do.

  • Websites don't provide all the information needed and a consultant can make this an invaluable service.

  • Structured programs are often recommended by our consultant providing better outcomes.

  • We have combined years of experience working with parents in a clinical and educational setting over 40 years.

  • Where it applies, our consultants can provide.

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