wilderness therapy

Pure Life

Pure Life is an adventure therapy and therapeutic GAPyear program. The program allows students to achieve college credit and develop emotionally in a supportive and nurturing cultural environment. The program is located in Costa Rica and removed from the convenience of home life with the supportive and cultural diversity of the culture. Students are referred to the program and can range from ages 15 to as high as 21 years of age. Some students are from adopted families. They have connected families but need direction and support. it's a very small program. No more than 10 students with a clinical staff addressing depression, anxiety, and support are needed for these children at varied ages. The clinical staff has virtual 1-on-1 conferences and instructional classes in everything from water safety, canoeing, outdoor adventure, repealing, and rafting.

wilderness programs

Journey is one of the wilderness programs we work with families. Located in southern Utah. The program includes journal writing 1to1 contact by a therapists in the field and goal attainment on the journey.

Pacific Quest

Pacific Quest is another one of our clinically supervised wilderness programs located in Hawaii. . Dr John Souza describes in this video how he works with students with emotional growth challenges using Horticultural Therapy.