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Why Wilderness-Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Aspiro is one of the many wilderness programs with which we work to help students. We also work with young adults and children in this setting.

Redcliff Ascent - Your Child Is Safe Tonight

Red Cliff Accent is a Therapeutic Wilderness program located i in Southern Utah. We work with this terrific program for adolescents and young adults.

Journey Explores Wilderness Therapy

Journey is one of the wilderness programs we work with families. Located in southern Utah. The program includes journal writing 1to1 contact by a therapists in the field and goal attainment on the journey.

Pacific Quest: An Outdoor Experience

Pacific Quest is another one of our clinically supervised wilderness programs located in Hawaii. . Dr John Souza describes in this video how he works with students with emotional growth challenges using Horticultural Therapy.

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Video On Empowering Girls the Focus of Troubled Teen Therapy at Discovery Academy

Educational Planning & Counseling Services

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We Offer A Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation With Parents

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