Family Approach


Our family focused treatment approach is an integrated one designed to help your entire family, not just your child alone. In many cases, when a child, adolescent or young adult has special needs, those needs require specific help by our consultants. W​e take on the responsibility of doing the placement and working with the family at the same time. This approach permits us to understand your entire family's dynamics as well. In these cases we can "pinpoint" the solutions to your problems or if other support is needed. Whether it's a decision to transport your child to a program or deciding the "best fit" prior to families choice for the placement.

 This approach involves both the treatment needs and academic focus by our consultants in the case of therapeutic boarding school placement. It is very different in traditional boarding schools and the specific needs of your child in this setting is addressed through our assessment process in this setting. This process is carefully constructed by our therapeutic educational consultant both in the placement and follow up or discharge planning or graduating from a school. When we work with you in either setting, your entire family is involved and aware of the needs of your child no matter what age, grade level, or academic or emotional support is needed, or the requirements for a international student. Whether your family is in a crisis or has no idea where to begin in the process? Is a international family needing guidance and support we help. We provide the professional advice and help to parents who need our help. The family can be adopted or step-family, making changes or a non- traditional family, our interest is helping your family achieve real results through our consultant. Seeing life-changing results takes time. When you decide to work with us, it's for a entire year not a week or a month. We are up front, clear, and specific in our approach and mission with your family. Results are important to us, we want you to see those results through our strategic placement options with your family. This connection takes time and effort by your entire family and we work to connect the dots, and support your entire family. Our 24 hour services enable you to contact us 24/7 or via email or directly using our toll-free number 623 200-3195 where you can leave a message or text us. Our appointment book allows you to select an appointment that works best for you. Give us a call if you have any questions. We will respond within 24 hours or less to your request. All parents are asked to complete our portal information before we meet for our initial 30 minute consultation.