Building Family Relationships


This is how we build Family relationships

  • By having parent workshops with our consultant

  • By repairing the relationship between your child due to separation or attachment

  • To reduce the chances of separation and divorce

  • Provide an environment of safety for your child both during the placement and return home.

  • Helping adopted parents or children to address the issues of attachment and separation through our consultant team

  • Work with other clinicians in the programs to develop trust.

  • Having support after leaving the program so there is a sense of stability.

  • Strengthen the academic needs of your child so you can relax and feel more confident

  • Identify any of the challenges which are affecting family life.

  • Sustain spiritual needs of the family through your practicing faith and to provdide this support while your child is in a school or program.

  • Strengthen the personal relationship you have as a couple or individual toward a healthy life.

  • Improving the relations with your child in school and at home.

We Offer A Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation With Parents

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