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Alpine Academy is just one of the many therapeutic boarding schools with which we work.

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The Girls Home directors provide structure for the girls at Heritage Heritage offers great support for the girls in a therapeutic residential program

Sedona Sky Academy's girls therapeutic residential treatment program is specifically designed to help girls ages 13 - 17 with emotional and behavioral challenges. Several changes in the program include a more traditional boarding school curriculum so the girls are provided with clear academic structure in a therapeutic and nurturing environment.

Learn more about the Peers Academy at Heritage designed to support "quarky" adolescents who may be on the Autism Spectrum, who need social skills training, sensory support and training, executive functioning and emotional support.

Compass Rose is a girls therapeutic residental boarding school program located in Wasbash, Indiana. We work with Compass Rose to provide a safe environment for girls in a small school and program setting. Compass Rose is excellent in addressing trauma and adoption issues in handles girls ages 14-18. A great staff and we've met them all.

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