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We provide the direction and support needed to help your child in the placement in a boarding school. These schools are where students live on campus and have supervision by staff and dorm parents. Traditional boarding schools have admission requirements and vary in age, grade level and gender.


We offer to help parents with children with learning difference. This might include: ADD or ADHD. Boarding schools for students with learning differences and funding a school really depends on the needs of the student. Therefore we need to identify those needs before making a recomendation.


We provide placement in day schools. These schools are generally on campus either at a day school or perhaps a boarding school but they are private schools not public schools. Our consultant will work with your family in these setting with your child. Generally these schools range from K-12.


We provide the support to parents in helping them understand small boarding schools and the difference between small and larger boarding schools. The difference can be in size and gender, depending on the requirements of the school. As consultants we help
parents understand this difference and the application process which is offered to domestic and international student.


Some parents may be looking for a summer boarding school. We work with these parents to locate the best summer boarding school or program. While many parents may confuse summer boarding schools with a camp program, we clarify the difference to help you to determine the best option. Most summer boarding schools have strong academic preparation for college or for boarding school. These programs are very different from summer boarding school.


Boarding Schools require a different type of testing for admission. This is usually administers at different sites and requires pre registration. Our consultant can advise each parent on this testing and generally a essay is required for admission to a boarding school along with academic records.



Charter schools are becoming an increase in School Choice by the Department of Education. This funding for schools is clearly one where the parents contribute and the Department of Education matches these funds for public education. It has received praise and criticism among the education community. Parents needing our help can have a 30 minute consultation with our consultants to address this challenge with their children. The options families have can range from charter to magnet to independent to private schools but not all charter schools accept funding or payment by the Department of Education for your child. In most cases, parents must pay tuition and depending on the state the decision to offer funding is state by state.

Current State on School Choice


A gap year program is for a student who might not be ready for college and needs a different experience. In this case, we review our GAP year placement option. Gap year is for achievment oriented students not failing or poor performance students.

Gap year students are becoming increasing more popular with a decrease in students attending school remotely or online. The raising cost of tuition and the number of student taking online courses has changed the focus to mote students pursuit career base studies or alternative. education options.


Remote learning strives to re-create the classroom environment as the student learns through the computer. This means the student logs in to the virtual classroom environment at scheduled times to view lectures or participate in group learning activities..


We work directly with the local school district or local education agency to address your student's IEP 504 or manifestation plan with special needs students. In most cases, we will attend an IEP meeting and contact the district or schools who are responsible for the services of the special needs child. We also advocate on behalf of the family, and discuss with the behavioral health agency their responsibility for the transition process to help the family. While there can be no guarantee in many cases, parents must understand this is a long process. The time frame is sometimes beyond the time of the placement. This includes our follow-up and the transition piece after leaving the program. In some cases, we seek legal advice for the families we serve to address their needs.


We will discuss the application for a military boarding school, the admission process and the type of students who might fit well in this setting. We will work with the family to decide if this is the correct setting for your child. Most military boarding schools can lead to a military career, which might include prestigious schools like West Point, the Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy. We can help the family understand the difference and the possibility for acceptance.


We help families of landed immigrants looking at private and some public school placement. Many families relocating to this country, need our direction and support. We help find the best learning environment for your child based on his/her native languages. An environment where your child is safe and protected and secure.


Some students may need placement in an intensive treatment program. These might be step-down or step-up programs for these families. Each program depends on the needs of the student. These might include work simplification or supervised programming designed for independence and life skills to help your child cope with an emotional challenge. This might be particularly true for a student who needs supervision and medication management. This may also apply to a student with a serious need for medication monitoring, due to safety issues.

We provide placement in intensive treatment programs for adolescents through adults. Our consultant is able to transition those individuals from a detox program to a program assessing to more intensive treatment needs


Typically adolescents in a alcohol or drug treatment program are separate from adults. Adolescents are not placed by our consultant in adult programs. It simply does not something we would consider or do in treatment. Some adolescents have a dual diagnosis but this still is separate in our placement decision. Those with a psychiatric and chemical dependency diagnosis would be thoughtfully placed in the right setting.


Many times, we will refer a student to a wilderness program before attending school. These programs offer 52 -100 days in the wilderness with clinical and education staff. The ages do vary from children to young adults and the setting might vary in parts of the country or a different state. We work with the staff at these programs, which are clinically more intensive treatments. Many programs are designed to teach life skills and provide therapy support. We work with the entire family in this setting. Wilderness programs have summer and year-round programs designed to help students with leadership and/or social skills. These programs rotate with varied ages and genders to allow students to move from one intervention experience to another. Some programs now have family camp programs, which are added to help the dynamic of the family therapy and others address addictive behavior or challenges. We also work with the field staff keeping parents informed of the child's location, physical health and medical concerns in the program, including working in many instances in family therapy in an outdoor experience.

Residential Programs for Young WOMEN:

Some students may need a residential program. This type of program provides supervision and support and may be a closed or locked unit. There are exceptions, but our placement does not include a state-funded or an insurance-based program in this type of placement setting. We will explain all of the details of this placement and the differences and similarities to therapeutic boarding schools. Many of our residential programs include treatment for eating disorders or sexual abuse issues, as well as developmental disabilities or those who have physical limitations due to a disability. We work with parents to help them understand the services available in their community as an advocate, helping with IEP's and 504 plans.


We offer individualized counselling for families and children from pre school to young adults. These services require assessment and meeting with patents either virtually or in person when safe. Normally we would have parents to schedule a meeting on our calendar. However since COVID 19 we will meet through Zoom or Google Meets to discuss your needs. We help with all aspects of your child's education from grade level to improving behavior through tor Services.


Financial Aid is a big challenge for parents looking at private school placement. We offer direction and support in understanding the process.

For private day or boarding schools.

College financial aid is much different than private school aid. We will help your family understand both.


We direct families to scholarship and tax-credit resources. We also encourage our families to complete the FAFSA for college lending and discuss loan programs to help families with the affordability of going to an independent school or a private college. We also work with struggling teens in crisis. Most of our students apply for some financial aid in a boarding school. However, financial support in a therapeutic school is provided by the parent. While we cannot guarantee scholarships or financial aid, we do help families in this aspect of placement, usually addressing this with the school. We do not offer grants to students. This is an entirely different process and applies to college admission. This does not apply to independent schools or therapeutic schools or programs. We discuss many of our resources in the meeting. We must meet with you to address these various areas. Many times, in the case of special needs students, funding with a school district may apply to attending a program. Even children who come from adopted families can obtain subsidy support.

Trails of Carolina and Trails Momentum

Diamond Ranch Academy Is for Struggling Adolescents

Trails and Diamond Ranch Academy are therapeutic programs we work with which are located in Asheville North Carolina and Hurricane Utah.

Launch is a young adult program through the Heritage School

Our consultant works with adolescents boys to help them achieve their success in programs like Thrive at the Heritage School.




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