Family Approach

family approach
What Educational Consultants Are Doing to Address Teacher Shortage

Our family focused treatment approach is an integrated one designed to help your entire family, not just your child alone. In many cases, when a child, adolescent or young adult has special needs, those needs require specific help by our consultants. W​e take on the responsibility of doing the placement and working with the family at the same time. This approach permits us to understand your entire family's dynamics as well. In these cases we can "pinpoint" the solutions to your problems or if other support is needed. Whether it's a decision to transport your child to a program or deciding the "best fit" prior to families choice for the placement. This approach involves both the treatment needs and academic focus by our consultants in the case of therapeutic boarding school placement. It is very different in traditional boarding schools and the specific needs of your child in this setting is addressed through our assessment process in this setting.

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