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4 Steps to Getting Started With Our ConsultanT

Please follow each step carefully before getting started.


Make and confirm your appointment with us.


Review our agreement and call us to confirm or schedule your appointment. We can do this via Google Calander or through our website.


 After reviewing our agreement. Please provide your signature with Docu Sign on the pages needing on the agreement.


Let's get together via Zoom or in person. This can be done online. After reviewing all the information you have completed, we will schedule a meeting with you and discuss our payment options.


Discover Indian Mountain School

Trails of Carolina and Trails Momentum

Diamond Ranch Academy Is for Struggling Adolescents

Trails and Diamond Ranch Academy are therapeutic programs we work with which are located in Asheville North Carolina and Hurricane Utah.

Launch is a young adult program through the Heritage School

When Will Kids Begin Receiving Covid-19 Vaccines? The Debate On Wearing A Mask

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We Offer A Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation With Parents

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