More Fee Information

Individual Consultant Fee: 10,000 dollars 1-year placement includes visits by the consultant and incurred cost prior to placement fees and expenses by the consultant. These fees can be paid on a monthly basis for one year.

Transition Placement: 5,000 dollars for 6 - 9 month placement. Expenses by the consultant for a placement less than one year or in the event, the placement direction needs to be decided between the parent(s) following the initial placement which is deduced for the inial placement fee.

Wilderness and Adventure Fees: $5000. These fees include transport fees to a program which is generally discussed with the parents it also includes follow-up during the program and weekly follow-up with the therapist in the program by our consultant and documentation and initial visit to the program by our consultant. Generally, wilderness programs are held monthly as the student progresses in the program. Our fee is separate from the program fees. We can sometimes assist families through the Skys The Limit Fund for scholarships based on need and income. We ask all parents needing this assistance to go directly to their website for this information.

Canadian Boarding School Placement: Canadian or International Boarding School Placement can range in fees. We offer help to parents looking at Canadian or international Boarding School placement. The fee for this placement can range from $5000 dollars to 10,000 dollars depending on the needs of the family and the duration of the placement. There is no additional fee for this placement , however travel by our consutant is include ni this fee along with ongoing expenses related to travel. monthly connection with the school and update monly to the family or parent or parents, Our paoyemt aggrenment but be done with the customdial parent.

College Placement and Gap Year Fees: $5,000 This is a one-time fee for college students entering college or a gap year program and includes those fees for placement and 1-year follow-up in the program and follow-up. Includes some testing as needed by the consultant.

International Boarding School Placement Fees or Speciality Program Placement $5,000- $10,00 dollars which include: all international students seeking placement in a private boarding or day school. The length of the placement would be for 1 year and follow-up each year. These expenses would be consultant expenses; travel, lodging, and related expense in working with the student. The application process and follows up for scholarships or financial aid or student visa determination with the school and testing by our consultant.

Intensive Treatment Placement Fees: $5,000 dollars. This does not include transport fees which are separate and must be discussed with the family before going to a program. per student or young adult, this includes young adults in an emergency or hospital, or recovery program. These expenses cover our fees as consultants or to make a referral to a program after an initial evaluation by a medical professional. These fees might be covered by an insurance carrier or depending on the diagnosis and the care needed after placement. This is not an ongoing fee but a single fee by the consultant.