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Our Introduction

Our website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate to help you decide on hiring our educational consultant.  We provide the most up-to- date information to parents so they can make an independent and informed decision about working together with our consultant. We will explain our services in detail including, any concerns you have.  This discussion often happens when parents have a crisis or an event that triggers these concerns.  We will discuss with you the many options you have by explaining our role in working together with your family.


Typically, parents come to us, when they are unable to navigate the process of finding "the right fit" or school for their child.  This undecisiveness or process may be either too "daunting" or "too unfamilar" for some parents.  Parents in this situation, often need our direction and support simply because they don't know where to begin. 


Our consultant can "pinpoint" the many options you have and help you make these decision without anxiety and fear of making a mistake by doing the work on your own.  Particularly, with a child with special needs are best served by an educational consultant  Many times placement opportunites reach far beyond just a "single placement".  Our services continue to work with families long after the placement has occured which is called aftercare. 


After we have reviewed and discussed your child's needs, we wil explain: why these options may be a "better choice."   Our consultant has the expertise and knowledge in multipel are or working with children and young adults to allow this discussion to happen in manner to help you undestand this process of "finding the right fit".  Not all schools or programs are designed fo the same child.


We will develop the support you need and answer the key questions you might have using our FAQ's   Many parents recognize they are either  unable to answer the many quetions they have or they need our direction in making the "best choice optoin" for their child. This decision can be vital to your family in a sucessful placement outcome, avoiding making the mistakes b y doing the work on your own.


As a parent you can call us at 888-489-6669 or leave a message using our appointment book  We are availableMonday-Saturday 8am-6pm (Pacific Time) to acceot your calls. We always return calls within 24 hours or less.  All messages are confidental and we will send you a confirmation of your appointment via email or call .


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Kenneth Davis, MA Ed, Chiel Executive Officer,

Educational Planning and Counseling Services

Indpendent Educational Consultant