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Our website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate to help you decide on hiring our educational consultant.  We provide the most up-to- date information to parents so they can make an independent and informed decision about working together with our consultant. We will explain our services in detail including, any concerns you have.  This discussion often happens when parents have a crisis or an event that triggers these concerns.  These concerns usually triggers a parent or parents contacting our consultant for help. Call us at 888-489-6669.


We find most parents need some direction or suppprt as we  discuss with them the many options they have.  By explaing our role to them we can provide answers to your family and direction for your child.  in working together with your family we cover all aspects of your child.  Typically, parents come to us, when they are unable to navigate the process of finding "the right fit" or school for their child needing guidance.  This clear undecisiveness or inability to make a decision may be either too "daunting" or "too unfamilar" for some parents.  Parents in this situation, often need our direction and support because they simply don't know where to begin. 


Our consultant can "pinpoint" the many options you have by helping you make these key decisions without anxiety and fear of making a mistake or by doing the work on your own.  Particularly, when a child and family are best served by our educational consultant.  Many times, placement decisions have to made together before sucess is achieved.  Other times, opportunites canreach far beyond just a "single placement" option.  Our consultant works with your entire family long after the a single placement, as we work on the back end with the "transition piece" after leaving a school or program.


After we have reviewed your concerns and discussed with you the needs of your child,  we can meet with you to determine your "options".  This process allows us to have time to discuss our services and to explain the details to your family about the placement or to recommend a "better choice."  Many of your key questions: can be answered by reading our FAQ's page on the main page of our web site. Answering these questions can be vital to helping your child.


As a parent, reaching us is very simple.  Call us at 888-489-6669 or leave a message. Also, you may schedule an appointment using our appointment book.  This will allow you to schedule your appointment at your convenience of your home and confirmed by our consultant.   We are available  Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm (Pacific Standard Time) to acceot your regular office calls. All messages are confidental and we will return your call or confirm your message within 24 hours or less. You can use our evoice messager or send an email.


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Kenneth Davis, MA Ed, Chiel Executive Officer,

Educational Planning and Counseling Services, LLC

Therapeuttic and Independent Educational Consultant

Specalist in Special Needs Students Children through Young Adults