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What Our Consultant Asks You To Bring

Our consultant recommends you provide us with the following information when we meet. Each item depends upon the age and grade level of the child and the placement consideration.

  • Transcripts from your child's current or past schools (this applies to secondary schools and high school - not college, unless it’s a transferring student). Secondary school records or early childhood records.

  • A copy of your completed assessment by our consultant (each assessment applies to the placement setting on our parent/student assessment page).

  • A copy of your insurance card or medical coverage in the case of special needs students in a residential program placement.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation records (as it applies to a student receiving these services as part of his/her IEP).

  • Medical records

  • Transcripts from a middle or elementary school, including state test scores.

  • Diploma from a high school in the case of a graduating senior from high school.

  • Any legal documents, particularly those documents which identify you as the guardian or legal parent.

  • Any former IEP's as it applies to a student with special needs (any behavioral plans as it applies to a 504 plan)

  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised (WAIS-R) IQ and the Vanderbelt, as it applies to a student with an ADHD diagnosis or the WISC-IV.

  • Wechsler Achievement Test II (SWAT)

  • Behavioral Assessment for Children (BASC-2), a screening system used to differentiate the diagnosis and classification, as it applies to children.

  • Scale for Assessing Emotional Disturbance (SAED) as it applies to a student with an emotional illness or disturbance, or the (MET).

  • Stroop Color and Word Test in the case for individuals with Brain Injury. Also other related testing for a child with severe or moderate cognitive challenges. Speech therapy evaluation or neuro psychological testing, or physical therapy or other discipline evaluation.

  • Detox records from a hospital in the case of a student with a drug and alcohol history. Any testing performed for the purpose of determining alcohol dependency.

  • Children Memory Scales in the case of working with a student with Autism.

  • Condition or other test related to functionality.

  • Any documents validating adoption by adopted parents.

  • A completed assessment by the parents, including the agreement with the signed signature pages, which address the needs retaining of our services and working with your child or young adult.

  • An originally signed agreement by the parent(s) or legal guardian.

  • International Students: A current Visa or Passport seeking to study abroad. A student must be full time to receive a student visa. A green card or work permit is not a student visa. You cannot work and study in the United States under a student visa.

  • Records of a student's previous school or international school, as it applies to attending boarding or day school in the United States or abroad.

  • Psychological or educational testing or reports as it applies to a special needs student through a psychologist or mental health professional.

  • Medical records, as it applies to a student who has been hospitalized prior to your request for our services; this would include a student with special needs, a student entering a wilderness therapy program, and seeking admission to a therapeutic boarding school or placement.

  • Records of an existing IEP or 504 Plan.

  • Manifestation Plan or any past plan which has not been implemented by the home school.

  • A behavior plan or record of any expulsions from school or detentions.

  • Psychological medical reports by a physician, as it applies to your child's doctor or pediatric specialist.

  • Any record of substance abuse testing or identification the student has a chemical dependency issue (i.e. legal issues related to substance abuse, or previous treatment).

  • Letters or correspondence from a school district, as it applies to your children or their academic performance or transcripts.

  • All documents which apply to our agreement for review with a signature or anticipate signature.

  • Records of any scholarships, including award letters, reference letters, in the case of a student applying to a traditional boarding school or independent school or schools of choice.

  • Any records of past placement at a residential treatment facility or acute care facility, a copy will suffice.

  • SLEP or TOEFL testing as it applies to a student requesting to attend a summer boarding school or a boarding school to learn English.

  • SSAT as it applies to applying to an independent boarding or day school as well as records of this testing. Also, any financial aid application, as it applies to seeking financial aid.

  • CLEP in the case of a student who has completed testing, seeking college credit for college course work.

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