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We work in a variety of settings with students:

  • Traditional Boarding Schools (gender specific or coeducational boarding or day schools, upper, middle, and lower schools)

  • Residential Treatment Programs: These programs are generally for more acute cases with children or adolescents or young adults. They are supervised and may have lock-down areas for children or adolescents, or they may be less restrictive, providing structured programming in this setting.

  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools (designed for special needs students). These schools may have components of a traditional boarding school, but they are more clinically supervised and have structured programming.

  • Wilderness Programs: Programs which are clinically supervised, but also have field staff in most cases and have shorter periods of stay. A consultant might use this program to transition to a therapeutic school or program.

  • Young Adult Programs which require individuals over the age of 18 and between 24 year of age needing direction and support. Many of these programs are designed for low-achieving students.

  • Brain Injury Programs: We help in the right school placement of a student with a brain injury or who has sustained this injury and needs follow-up.

  • Day Schools: Non-boarding schools, students are usually transported by parents and some boarding schools may have day students.

  • Acute Medical Facilities: Normally these are very short stay facilities and most children and adolescents are sent to a medical facility for direct medical care.

  • Intensive Treatment Settings: Long Term Settings generally applies to psychiatric setting for individuals with severe or moderate psychiatric conditions (children and young adults in this case).

  • Detox Unit: This unit may be in a general hospital, but it also might be part of a residential program before entering a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Settings: This applies to both in-patient or residential programs with a 12-Step program. These programs are generally offered for young adults rather than children, although drug education is provided for children experimenting with drugs.

  • Residential Programs for Adolescents with Drug and Alcohol Issues: These programs are designed specifically for a variety of age groups, generally adolescents, to address drug and alcohol experimentation.

  • Eating Disorder Programs: These are programs for children and adolescents with eating disorders.

  • Summer Boarding School: Most summer boarding schools are designed for students looking at boarding schools in the future. Many times there is an ESL (English as a Second Language) program. International Students often enroll is Summer Boarding Schools to improve their command of English.

  • GAP Year Programs: This program is specifically designed for a student who might prefer to enter a school later, after graduation from a secondary school, and needs time off to engage in some service activities. It's generally acceptable for high achieving students, not for students at risk or with behavioral challenges.

  • International Students Placement: Most students and families looking for an international student will be looking either at boarding school or college. Many students in this category will need greater proficiency in English and courses in a specific subject area. We work with these students in these areas.

  • Psychological Evaluation in Treatment Settings: Many students with special needs need to have a full battery of psychological and educational testing. Some do not need this. We help parents decide whether this is needed in a therapeutic boarding school, or before they are sent to a program

  • We offer a follow-up with families after discharge from a school or program, including the transition piece of going from one program to another. Most consultants will defer to a transition program when another program is not working for the family.

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