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The Life Stages Of Children

Most parents need clarity or understanding of the various life stages of their children. Our consultant will work with you to help you understand these areas as they apply to the changes you are seeing in your child. These areas are significant in understanding our role and helping your child in the correct placement. This is particular when a school placement we are recommending reflects the "Life Stages" your child is going through and it's also based on your child's growth and development. Many times there are varied challenges you may face that are a direct result of parenting, not all that uncommon to other parents. Life Stages do vary from child to child; however, multiple challenges for parents with children from childhood through young adults reflect both development and maturity. Each stage of development brings physical and emotional changes, challenges and milestones. Development milestones are those skills most children can do. Some children develop slowly while moving from physical growth to emotional development.

Life Stages

  • Infancy (sensory awareness, speaking, feeding dependency)

  • Toddler (physical development, balance and coordination, learning to walk, learning to sustain balance and or motor skills, independent skills, potty training, familiarity of surrounding)

  • Pre-School (challenges in learning to read and write and social skills, language development, motor and cognitive coordination)

  • Childhood (Social interaction with other family and friends and adjusting to acceptance by friends and school mates, first day of school, social anxiety, attachment issues).

  • Adolescence (Peer group acceptance, conflict with peers, problem solving, dating, dealing with drugs or other challenges in society, conflict-resolution, sexual understanding, limit setting by adults, physical changes in appearance, puberty, physical development, beliefs, peers vs. adult behavior, dating, problem solving)

  • Adulthood (Maturity, mate selection, leaving home, knowledge of the world around you, sexual and physical maturity, function independently).

Parents can read this article explaining the "Stage of Childhood" published on Also, please read "Development Stages" published by The University of Michigan, the University-press website.

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